Close up of spreading fertilizer on a lawn


Achieving a well-balanced, even, luscious lawn isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are many factors that can hinder grass growth, and sometimes these factors are out of your control. Whether you’ve moved into a new home with poor-quality grass, or are looking to reverse years of damage, our team is here to bring your lawn back to life. Our organic lawn fertilizers can help revive your lawn.

Land Visions has provided premium lawn care and landscaping services to the residents of Lansing, East Lansing, Haslett, Okemos, and DeWitt since 2002. We are dedicated to crafting beautiful lawns and landscapes that homeowners and business owners alike can enjoy and show off with pride. Without luscious green lawns, the value of your home decreases, as does the overall appearance of your property. Renew your lawn today with Land Visions.


Our Five-Step Fertilization Process

Beautiful grass can become a reality when you work with Land Visions. We’ve developed a comprehensive program that revives dry grass and keeps your lawn healthy all year long. Our program is developed specifically for mid-Michigan lawns – we’ve factored in Michigan weather, soil, and grass conditions. We take a scientific approach to lawn care because we believe care begins at the root, and must be properly cared for all year long.

March – April
The first step of the fertilization program is applied between March and April. This step is designed to rejuvenate your lawn after the chilly winter months and create a barrier against weeds. This is a granular application.

May – June
The second step is applied between May and June, and consists of the weed and feed product. This dual step is designed to eliminate any weeds that made it through the first application while actively fertilizing your yard. This step is also a granular application. Grub control is also applied during this step for those who opt in to this treatment.

June – July
The third step is applied between June and July. This application is slow-release fertilizer, and is designed to keep your lawn healthy during the early summer months. This is a granular application.

August – September
The fourth step is applied between August and September, and like the step before, it is a slow-release fertilizer. This treatment helps your lawn stay healthy during the long, late summer months, and is also a granular application. 

October – November
The fifth and final step is applied between October and November, and is known as the “winterizer.” This application prepares your lawn for the cold winter months, and also helps your lawn “green up” earlier in the spring.

Lastly, as mentioned in the May – June treatment, we provide grub control during the springtime. Grub control is absorbed into the plant and moves through its root systems. Grubs feed on the root systems of grass, which prepares your lawn for the grub hatches in the fall. We recommend this service in addition to our five-step fertilization program to ensure your lawn is healthy from the root down, and has a stronger base system. Grub control prepares your lawn for the chilly fall months, and ensures your lawn is healthy and vibrant. 

If you’re looking for comprehensive organic lawn fertilizers, Land Visions is your solution. Contact our team today.