Holiday Lighting & Decor

Holiday Lighting at night

Holiday Lighting & Decorating

There’s no doubt that the holiday season is stressful. Preparing for the various celebrations, cooking and baking, picking out presents for loved ones, and making sure your home is properly decorated are just a couple of the many holiday chores. The fact is, most people put too much on their shoulders, which explains why 69 percent of Americans are stressed by the feeling of having a “lack of time” around the holiday season. Land Visions is here to alleviate your stress and help you prepare for what should be the happiest time of the year. How are we doing this? Our team is visiting homes across Lansing and transforming them into a winter wonderland through holiday decorating and lighting. 

Putting up lights, setting up extension cords, and thoughtfully arranging decorations can be an awfully strenuous task – especially when you factor in Michigan’s brisk winters. Arranging lights and decorations when you get home from work is often the last thing you want to do. And with Daylight Savings, it also becomes a challenging task. Our team is here to help you around the holidays.

We are able to come to your commercial or residential property and install your holiday lights and set up your decorations. Regardless of how you want your property to look, our team will take the time to listen to your vision and execute accordingly. We make this process as seamless as possible. Our goal: alleviate your stress during the holiday season by crafting a beautiful holiday setup that you and your guest will enjoy all season long. We’re proud to be one of the few holiday decorating companies in Lansing, MI.

Our team begins holiday lighting and decoration in November, and continues decorating in December. All you need to do is provide with the lights and decoration, and our team will work our magic. When you work with Land Visions, your dream property is just a call away. If you’re looking for talented holiday decorating companies, Land Visions is your answer. Contact our team today to get started.